Top 20 on ReverbNation

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Long Gone Day would like to thank all you crazy bastards (old and new) for all the love and support.

Eastwood Cash and The Clash is still trending and as of this morning we are in the Top 20 on ReverbNation. Giving a shoutout to Diana Lane of Lane Six Entertainment for booking us incredible shows in Vegas, California, New York and here in Jersey; the very first DJ to play us-the lovely Lindsay Klein of 105.5 WDHA; Michael Presti and Chris Presti of (huge supporters and advocates for independent artists); and our man Isaac Banks of Banks Radio Australia for playing us on the other side of the globe. And last but not least, YOU the fans, who make it all worthwhile!!!



Aside from looking for the next great gig/tour, Long Gone Day has recently opened their own music publishing company and is looking to have their tracks featured in commercials, TV shows, movies and video games.


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